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The Semantic Web is an Olympics; An Olympics for champions from different sciences and this Olympics becomes more passionate when the best in related fields come together.

In Borhan, we are the hosts of this Olympics, and with elites from different disciplines, we create the best services of knowledge representation and reasoning; Services such as accurate retrieval of information, reusability of modeled knowledge, machine reasoning in various logics, contradiction detection, and so on.

To reach this elite, motivated, agile and young team, in terms of programming and AI, we are in touch with the Data Mining Laboratory of the Computer Faculty of the University of Science and Technology (Dr. Minaei).

Furthermore, regarding philosophical and logical issues, we are related to the seminary of Qom, Tarbiat Modares University, etc.

The main approach of our team is sincerity, hardworking and cooperation, and because of this approach, although our team is young, it has produced valuable products in the field of the semantic web.