Have you ever wondered

what would happen

if machines understood knowledge?

Have you ever wondered

what would happen

if machines understood knowledge?

Do you know how

the knowledge graph will affect

your business and research?

Do you know

how the knowledge graph

will affect your business and research?

The Semantic Web is an Olympics; An Olympics for champions from different sciences and this Olympics becomes more passionate when the best in related fields come together.

In Borhan, we are the hosts of this Olympics, and with elites from different disciplines, we create the best services of knowledge representation and reasoning.

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LLMs and Logical Reasoners: A Perfect Match or a Misunderstanding?

With the rise of large language models (LLMs) and their impressive capabilities, a crucial question emerges: can these models truly...
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The Importance of Knowledge Representation and Automated Reasoning

The Importance of Knowledge Representation and Automated Reasoning In the realm of artificial intelligence (AI), knowledge representation and automated reasoning...
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What are DLs? (Part 3: Borhan’s course in DL)

In artificial intelligence (AI), DLs are used to describe and reason about the relevant concepts of an application domain (known...
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What are DLs? (Part 2: Description Logic’s extensions)

There are wide varieties of DLs and there is an informal naming convention, roughly describing the operators allowed. The expressivity...
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What are DLs? (Part1: A Brief Introduction)

Description logics (DL) are a useful family of formal knowledge representation languages. DLs are fragments of binary first-order classical logic...
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Reasoning about actions

Two factors lead us to integrate descriptionLogics and actionFormalisms, and reasoning in dynamic Ontologies and knowledge and action bases (KAB): “The demand to represent and...
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Borhan Artificial Judge and Attorney Assistant based on Ontology

Concerning #rational_sciences, judicial and legal sciences have the most complex #reasonings problems. Basically, based on historical data, the origin of the logic...
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Lexical Relationships between Words

There are 8 types of Lexical Relationships between Words. Each of them is #Homophony. The Homophonic words have the same...
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Machine reasoning

Machine reasoning is a significant category of explainable AI technologies; something that could revolutionize the history of computer devices and...
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Automation of Legal Reasoning and decision based on ontology

Legal professionals, such as judges and lawyers, dedicate a significant amount of their time to finding, reading, analyzing, and synthesizing information in order to make...
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Difference between the Ontology discussed in philosophical literature and Ontology in computer science

 Ontology is known as the branch of philosophy concerned with the study of the nature of being. The ontology discussed...
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Machine Reasoning

Reasoning is one of the most important parts of human cognitive activities. All analyses are based on reasoning such as...
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Knowledge graphs

The missing link between people and computers, or better, between knowledge and data are Knowledge graphs. We know how to...
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Course Offering

Attend our online and offline courses in different field of semantic web and logic to enhance your knowledge

Ontology and Taxonomy Design

Turn your data into knowledge graphs and taxonomies

Rule Defining

Model rules of your domains in different logical approach

Recommendation Systems

Use the knowledge graph to create human resource and products recommending systems

Rule Based Reasoning

Reason over your ontologies in various logics

Neural Network-Based Reasoning

Enrich your knowledge graphs by embedding and neural network

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