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Borhan Core Ontology

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Ontologies are divided into three categories: upper, middle-level and #DomainOntologies.
 The #upperOntology is a type of ontology in which common concepts, for any sort of domain ontologies, are described and are often limited to general, abstract, and philosophical concepts.
 The #mid_levelOntology is a bridge between #upperOntology and #domainOntologies. An oncologist, who wants to describe the knowledge of several domains, can bring the concepts and relationships that are common to those domains into a #mid_levelOntology
 In #Borhan, in addition to upper ontology, we also designed two middle-level ontologies according to the desired domains. One is Borhan #TimeOntology and the other is Borhan #CoreOntology. In Borhan Core Ontology, concepts, relations,axioms and rules that are common to the desired domains Of Borhan are described, except for the concept of time, which is in a separate ontology.
 In addition, Borhan Core Ontology describes other axioms and rules that are not used now in current domains, but may be applied to similar domains to be explored in the future.

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