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Borhan Artificial Judge and Attorney Assistant based on Ontology

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Concerning #rational_sciences, judicial and legal sciences have the most complex #reasonings problems. Basically, based on historical data, the origin of the logic comes from courts in ancient Greece. The complexity of judicial and #legal_reasonings stems from a large amount of data, rules and relations between such parameters. Consequently, #Machine_Understanding of such domains is one of the most tremendous challenges for #AI and computer scientists. Moreover, the #Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) and #Usul (the basis of Fiqh) are two disciplines that play major roles as sources of #Islamic_law.
We, in the #Borhan team, buckled down to make upper and core ontologies of the Fiqh and Usul, the main Islamic judicial and legal domain. Finally, after making such ontologies, we have developed an #explainable_reasoner, based on the description, fuzzy and nonmonotonic among other nonclassical logics. This AI production is an #intelligent_reasoner as a service for an #artificial_judge and attorney assistant.


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