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Reasoning about actions

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Two factors lead us to integrate descriptionLogics and actionFormalisms, and reasoning in dynamic Ontologies and knowledge and action bases (KAB): “The demand to represent and reason about semantic web services” and “The fact that there is an expressive gap between existing action formalisms”.
For representation and reasoning about actions, we can embrace actions into the description logic such as DALCO@. In these logics, actions are treated as citizens and we have an action box (ActBox), in addition to the TBox and dynamic ABox. TBox here describes “the states”, “the preconditions” and “effects of atomic actions”, and ActBox contains a finite set of atomic actions.
But can we have a terminable and correct algorithm for checking the satisfiability of theorems and querying from knowledge and action bases? Such an algorithm needs to effectively carry out many reasoning tasks on actions and solve 4 important problems: realizability, executability, projection, Planning problems.
Over the past two decades, algorithms have been proposed for the descriptive dynamic logic board (in particular, Chang et al. (2007)); However, due to the high computational complexity, which is sometimes more than EXPTIME and even NEXPTIME, we face many problems in implementing dynamic ontologies. In the “Borhan” team, we seek to solve this problem and provide algorithms for implementing descriptive dynamic logic in dynamic descriptive ontologies.

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