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What are DLs? (Part 3: Borhan’s course in DL)

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In artificial intelligence (AI), DLs are used to describe and reason about the relevant concepts of an application domain (known as terminological knowledge).
It is of particular importance in providing a logical formalism for ontologies and generally the semantic web :
OWL and its profiles are based on DLs. The most notable application of DLs and OWL is in biomedical informatics where DL assists in the codification of biomedical knowledge.
In the Borhan, we conduct fundamental studies on the syntax and semantics of classical, extended, and non-classical DLs, as well as Non-deductive DLs, such as inductive and abductive DLs, and how they are implemented.
We also teach the results of these theoretical and practical achievements to those who are interested in advanced training courses.

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